Talofofo Falls – Steampunk Sex Garden [NSFW]

I found out about this hidden attraction on island called Talofofo Falls in Guam. It was suppose to be an amusement park/historical site that has a sex garden, whatever that meant. Oh, I found out.

This place is literally in the middle of the jungle of Guam, only accessible by a drive down a narrow road way out of the way. GPS doesn’t work well on this island either.

The first thing you will notice is the abundance of wild pigs, begging for food and just not generally giving a fuck.

It’s $12 a person to get in (not that expensive, considering you are in Guam). There are some busted up carnival rides and a shooting range. Go straight to the sex garden.

There are some pretty weird sculptures, see them all in the full gallery I uploaded to photobucket.

[yt video=”9gRFcl2mihM” width=”560″ height=”340″ /]

Along with the erotic sculptures there were a couple mechanical sex artworks.

There is a lookout tower to see the great scenery.

There is a surprisingly good haunted house.

Then you take this rickety Gondola down to the waterfalls.

The waterfalls are anti-climatic, but the dilapidated rope bridges constructed with water hose are fun.

There is a museum that is a depressing display of shame that is Chomorro history.

and you can visit the cove (I’ve been told it was only a replica) of a Japanese man that hide in the Jungle for 28 years here, thinking the war was still on.

View the Full gallery here!

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