Proof there is Karma

So something amazing happened to me today. I was at the local card shop for the magic card 2014 release and I was smoking in between rounds when I could. Then I couldn’t find my lighter.

There were some sketchy guys with matching bandannas (probably some kind of gang) hanging out in a trash filled alley. I asked them for a light. All but one guy walked away to a beat-up car parked down the street and the last guy gave me a light. I started chatting with him and he seemed pretty confused why some white guy was bothering him. I found out his name was Mo-an. I asked if it was a Chamarian name. He said he was from the island of Chuuk. I have heard that many criminals on Guam are from Chuuk. I asked him what Chuuk was like. He was happy to tell me. He asked if he could bum a smoke. I only had one left and needed it to make it through the tournament. I told him and he seemed dejected. So, I say “Tell you what, If I win the next match I have to stay longer for the semi-finals. I’ll buy a pack and give you a smoke.” He gave me a “Yeah-whatever” look. I waved good bye and played some Magic.

I won my next match, so I went and bought another pack of smokes. I found Mo-an and gave him a smoke. He seemed surprised and really animated. The other Chuukis yelled from there car and he yelled back and gave a thumbs up. I assume they were asking if this crazy white guy was giving him problems. He forced me to take his lighter and we chatted more about Guam, we fist bumped, and I went back to play magic.

During the end of a match a guy, (probably Chuuki) busted into the card shop screaming in Chuuki and broken English. He was screaming about how he was going to “call the fucking cops” and stuff about a car. Someone asked what car, and then it was obviously mine. I’m probably among a select few on island that owns a car with California plates. I told the guy it was my car and I followed him outside. He continued to yell and say he was going to call the cops because I parked next to a tiny sign that said reserved parking for this seedy gambling bar next door to the card shop. All of a sudden Mo-an popped up and started screaming in Chuuki and pointing at his car full of other bandanna-clad Chuukis. The store owner looked and me and said in broken English “this your one time” and stormed off. I fist bumped Mo-an and re-parked my car with a quickness.

If this isn’t proof of karma, I don’t know what is.

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